International Representative (HSS)

About the role

The International Representative (HSS) shall seek feedback from and represent international students (including EU students) in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences on academic issues and welfare issues affecting them. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Communities, working with the International Representatives (Barts and The London, and Science and Engineering) to encourage the students they represent to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role description

The Candidates

Waleed Javed

Hello, I am an international student. I belong to Pakistan and don’t want to keep any stone unturned when it comes to having new opportunities and experiences. Therefore, I am here for you to help you move forward and grow. Feel free to approach me for any sort of help.

Neha Kasera

Having completed a semester of Linguistics and finding myself enjoying it, I find myself wanting to get more involved not just with my course, but with the school as well. As an International student, I understand how nerve-wrecking it is to adapt yourself into a completely different place all by

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Hinako Tamai (Hina)

I am Hinako Tamai (Hina), and I am standing to be elected as the International Representative (HSS) because I would like to ensure that the concerns and voices from international students are well represented, and I strongly believe that there could be more support geared towards international students.

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Pranshu Goyal

As an International representative I will represent the international student body accurately and it will be my priority to make the students heard. I am not assuring any impossibility, I am just assuring that all the work done by me, will be done with full honesty and responsibility.

Aygerim Sarigul

I am an international student from Turkey with Central Asian background and experience working in multicultural environments. I was the student representative of my undergraduate deparment. I am studying International Business and Politics.I am glad for the opporutunity to run for this position which puts my skills to test.

Yuanye Li

It will be my pleasure to be an international representative. I can express what students really need and want on a large platform, then their welfare will be increased. I like to help others, so I hope I can give you what I can. Thanks for your reading.

Amritha Bhaskar

As an international student and as your representative, I will do everything I can in my limit to the best of your interests. I will assure everyone that your opinions, suggestions, and feedback will be of utmost importance and accordingly any issues are promised to be solved.

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Martin Pászti

Hello, I’m Martin, a first-year student at SPIR. Having freshly joined a new, diverse community, I know just how lost one can feel, especially in an online environment. Vote for me so I can help you get oriented administratively and socially, make your voice heard and fight for your interests.

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