International Representative (HSS)

The International Representative (HSS) shall seek feedback from and represent international students (including EU students) in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences on academic issues and welfare issues affecting them. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Communities, working with the International Representatives (Barts and The London, and Science and Engineering) to encourage the students they represent to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role Description

The Candidates

Georgii Polonskii

Why vote for me? I intend to bring more international student involvement by structuring my campaign around often tabooed aspects of student life at QMUL. My focus will be on mental health issues as a result of often unspoken matters of drug abuse and physical threats at Mile End Campus.

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Ani Gibradze

I am Ani Gibradze, 2nd-year Business management and marketing student from Georgia. It’s an honor to represent the international students at QM. I’ve been studying in the UK for seven years and understand the challenges which international faces, therefore, I wish to assist in solving these problems.

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Erta Koxhaj

I am standing for International Student Representative with the aim to voice the concerns of international students, while ensuring their academic and engagement opportunities are met accordingly to their talents. Acknowledging the cultural barriers alongside other challenges, students’ path to success can be achieved by dedication, support, and inclusion.

Emujin Davaadorj

As an international student, I faced difficulties starting from applying to visa to familiarising with a new culture. Studying abroad is a great opportunity, but simultaneously, it's frightening. Therefore, I'd like to emotionally support and create the opportunities for international students to maximise their potential while enjoying every moment here.

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