International Representative (HSS)

About the role

The International Representative (HSS) shall seek feedback from and represent international students (including EU students) in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences on academic issues and welfare issues affecting them. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Communities, working with the International Representatives (Barts and The London, and Science and Engineering) to encourage the students they represent to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role description

The Candidates

Rares Grecu

Now the question you might be asking yourself is why should you vote for me? Well I am an international student from Romania and I would do my best to represent the interests of International Students and seeking feedback from you as I have done already as course representative.

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Amir Khalid Qazi

Just because you have not grown up in the UK, it does not mean you do not belong. From Biryani to Pasta and Kimchi- everything and everyone shall be represented. #TheInternationalEra Read manifesto for more info.

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Selena Binbadi

Selena Binbadi, Bringing you the change you deserve

Anita Winsome

Open hearts, open minds, open doors. One voice, equal strength

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Vivikta Sinha

We One-We Won! (If we are one, then we have won!)

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