Law Representative

The School of Law Representative shall seek feedback from and represent students in the school. They are also responsible for chairing the Law forum for course representatives and supporting the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences. They are also responsible for encouraging students in the school to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role Description

The Candidates

Yohaan Abraham

Hi! I’m a first year LLB student running for the position of law representative. Should I be elected to this position, I will effectively communicate concerns and ensure that they are acted upon. By voting for me you will be voting to have your voice heard.

Declan McLoughlin

You either love me or you hate me, but that doesn’t matter because you still know I’m going to get *stuff* done. I’ll advocate for more society resources, integrated non-corporate careers education, and the digitisation of all core readings. Loch-in your vote for Declan!

Matthew Ferguson

I intend to represent the school of law in a way that promotes inclusion and collaboration with the SU and other schools at Queen Mary as well. My objective is to ensure the School of Law is a welcoming environment and promotes a variety of opportunities for everyone.

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