The President represents and campaigns on matters relating directly to the education and welfare of students across Queen Mary University of London. They are responsible for implementing many of the Students’ Union's policies and work hard to improve students' educational experience.

They chair the Students’ Union's Board of Trustees and Executive Committee and attend a wide range of university meetings to represent students. The President also regularly meets with the Senior Management of the University. The President is automatically the Students' Unions' delegate to the NUS’ annual National Conference.

Role Description

The Candidates

Gabriela Suarez

(The RISE Project)

As President, I want to represent and campaign for the community that has given me so much. Cameron Storey and I pledge to represent the student’s voice, promote investment in all campuses, fight for increased environmental sustainability and empower all students to achieve more. We are the RISE Project.

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Ashra Shrestha

As President, I will voice your interests and address your concerns to ensure all students have the best university experience possible. I will focus on student welfare and students’ academic success. Ensuring good mental health and creating opportunities will always be a priority. I will work with students for students.

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Khadeejah Khan

I believe in making our university a safe space for everyone and a home away from home for those living out. I wish to improve both academic and social aspects as the university experience should be positive and I aim to make this a priority.

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Victoria Leonhardt

I have become incredibly invested in the university and want to do my part to further improve the student experience. I am running for this position because I believe I can deliver on my promises. With strong leadership; together we can do more.

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Shamima Akter

As an executive officer this year, I am exposed to issues that need further attention, including security, sustainability and marginalised groups. Trusting institutions and positions is difficult, however, I want you to trust me, my experience. Trust that I am capable of seeing through the changes you want to see!

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Saywah Mahmood

As President, I would endeavour to improve students' educational and social experiences and improve methods of getting students’ voices heard. My main areas of focus would include, student mental health, sustainability, encouraging collaboration between student groups, including BL groups and improving the experiences of students who don’t live on campus.

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