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Are you a leader with a passion to deliver the best student experience? If so, the role of President could be perfect for you. Within the Student Union’s fast-paced, exciting and diverse environment, you’ll have the freedom to oversee a wide variety of projects and play a key part in shaping the Queen Mary Students’ Union.

The President is the key spokesperson for the Students’ Union. You’ll represent and campaign on matters relating directly to the education and welfare of students across Queen Mary University of London. You’ll be responsible for shaping and implementing many of the Students’ Union's policies, projects and campaigns, consulting with students to represent their views and act on issues affecting them. You’ll also chair Students’ Union's Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, overseeing financial, legal and strategic tasks.

Role description

The Candidates

Lisa Hagens

Hi guys, I'm a pragmatic individual who is realistic about the needs of this university. I'm good at complaining so I'll be good at listening to your complaints. I keep things short so no more writing.

Saad Hassan Arif

Uniting Students, Promoting Peace and Empowering Futures: Together We Can Achieve Anything! Don't settle for less and vote for Saad Hassan Arif!

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Serena-Amani Al Jabbar

Putting YOU at the forefront of our SU! The Student Union is meant to represent me and you, from our stinky loos on campus to supporting our cost-of-living, and that’s what I plan to do... Whatever the concern I will represent you because what is the SU without your voice?

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Hi Everyone, I am excited to put myself forward as a candidate for the role. As a current student at Queen Mary, I am passionate about the student experience and making sure that all students feel heard and represented. Dedicated to advocating for student needs, promoting inclusivity, supporting well- being

Ishaan Bhargava

Let's open doors for courtesy, fortune, and opportunities.

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Kartik Shah

My name is Kartik H. Shah, and I am running for President of your Student Union. I aim to help you with a balanced university experience – academic, social, and career events while making the most of uni life. Remember, a vote for Kartik is a vote for you!

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Pratiksha Sachan

Cherish the change!!

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