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Are you a leader with a passion to deliver the best student experience? If so, the role of President could be perfect for you. Within the Student Union’s fast-paced, exciting and diverse environment, you’ll have the freedom to oversee a wide variety of projects and play a key part in shaping the Queen Mary Students’ Union.

The President is the key spokesperson for the Students’ Union. You’ll represent and campaign on matters relating directly to the education and welfare of students across Queen Mary University of London. You’ll be responsible for shaping and implementing many of the Students’ Union's policies, projects and campaigns, consulting with students to represent their views and act on issues affecting them. You’ll also chair Students’ Union's Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, overseeing financial, legal and strategic tasks.

Role description

The Candidates

Subasiny Vasanthakumar

As a dedicated student with an understanding of university life, having completed both undergraduate and current postgraduate studies at this institution, I bring a wealth of experience. I am committed to fostering inclusivity, representing diverse voices, and enhancing the student experience. Vote for positive changes and effective leadership!

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Chandra Jyoti Iyer

As an ambitious leader passionate about academic achievement, my goal is to become the University President. Devoted to promoting scholarly distinction, inventiveness, and inclusiveness, my objective is to augment the establishment's worldwide standing and build an atmosphere that enables instructors and learners to prosper in a constantly changing academic milieu.

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Shubham Vashisht


Committed to fostering unity and amplifying student voices, I, Shubham Vashisht, aspire to lead Queen Mary University as President. With a vision for an inclusive, vibrant campus, I pledge to advocate for your concerns, drive positive change, and enhance the student experience. Together, let's build a stronger, more connected QMUL.

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Shikhar Wahi

I pledge to ignite +ve change, please vote for me.

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Tahmid Khan

You deserve to get the most out of the SU and the University - after all you pay for it. Whether it's the cost of living or campus safety – whatever your concerns are, I care. Also, I’m literally the most experienced person for the job (currently your VP Welfare).

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Rehnuma Islam

A bold and dynamic advocate, relentless in pursuit of student welfare and empowerment at Queen Mary University. As President, I vow to amplify your voices, forging a campus where every aspiration finds support and every need finds resolution. Together, let's shape a vibrant and inclusive campus community. Vote for progress.

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Alicea Luta

Excitedly running for President, I'm eager to lead with passion, champion our collective voice, and shape the future with innovative ideas. Committed to enhancing the student experience, I aim to make our campus the most vibrant hub. Ready to infuse energy, enthusiasm, and positivity—let's turn dreams into reality!

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Saima Sopariwala

Passionate leader committed to delivering the best student experience. As President, I'll be your voice, advocating for education and welfare at Queen Mary Uni. Join me in shaping a vibrant and inclusive Students' Union.

Kyrullos Aziz

"To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.", Winston Churchill. This role can be a catalyst for such perfection. I aim to be a voice for my fellow students, ensuring my changes have real meaning, while also making sure to not lean on my own understanding.

Akhil Singh

Hi, I'm Akhil Singh, an MSc in Management student. I believe a fulfilling student life hinges on a good part-time job, networking with industry leaders, and a vibrant social circle. As I prioritise these aspects, I'm running for QMSU President. If you resonate with my vision, please vote for me.

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