Societies Officer (Malta)

About the role

Societies play a huge role in the student experience for many Queen Mary students. Every year, thousands of students join a society, and the Societies Officer is the voice of all these students. Whether you’ve been on the committee for 10 different societies or you’re completely new to societies, this role will give you the opportunity to approve new societies, allocate funding (yes, you get to give free money away!) and collaborate with the staff team to improve society processes.

This is a non-representative position and does not sit on Student Council.

Role description

The Candidates

Brigette Coelho

My name is Brigette: a first year undergraduate student at Barts and the London (Malta). I have attended and observed the functioning of societies. With that knowledge, I want to encourage new and current societies to develop. I aim to provide unique opportunities to your student experience this academic year!

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