Sports Officer (BL)

About the role

Joining a sports club (we have over 60!) can be a great way to pursue passions and build strong friendships. Every year, we have thousands of new students eager to get involved and the Sports Officer plays an important role in being the voice of these students. As a Sports Officer, you will be given the opportunity to develop and approve new clubs, plan and deliver events as well as allocate funding, all while working closely with Students’ Union staff. You’d also ensure that BLSA sports clubs and the Students’ Union maintain strong communication so that everything runs smoothly!

Role description

The Candidates

Reshma Arukgoda

I want to channel the passion I have for fitness and sports into the BLSA. I'd like to incorporate more exercise-related wellbeing services, liaise with societies to organise more charity related sporting events and also come up with some amazing challenges for final whistle!

Harry Collier-Smith

Hello my name is Harry and I am the mens captain of BL Water Polo and a member BL Football. Last year I also was an elected member of the club sport board. I want to help all clubs to thrive. Please read my manifesto to find out more!!!

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Anthony Wang

Sport is a significant part of my university life, and I want to share this passion by increasing accessibility. Having been Club Captain of Rowing, I want to make it easier for sports clubs to focus on delivering better experiences to their members. Anthony for Sports Officer!

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