Sustainability Officer (Mile End)

About the role

The Sustainability Officer role helps to make Queen Mary more sustainable by organising events and training, running their own campaigns and raising awareness about issues and sustainable behaviours. They will work closely with relevant staff members and the Executive Officers, and will get to co-chair the Sustainability Committee with the Sustainability Officer for BL.

Role description

The Candidates

Roxanne Travers

My name is Roxy. As a Russel Group university in heavily polluted East London, let's work together; students, staff, TH residents, local businesses and government to fight the impending climate crisis. I pledge to centre the most impacted. We stand together to build a sustainable future. We demand change.

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Magdalini Parouti

We live in an era where we cannot afford not to pay attention to the urgent cries of the environment. Living in a high populated urban environment such as London, WE as a university can have a tremendous impact, both within the students community but also our local community by

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Lingquan Fang

My name is Lingquan Fang who is the candidate in Student Union. I want to be the Sustainability Officer to support and develop events ,training and campaigns of Student Union sustainability and environmental issues. I hope I can be the Officer participating in the development and sustain ability of environment.

Jincheng Wu

This is Jincheng Wu, a first-year PhD of Chemical engineering, I have organized a tree-planting activity during undergraduate study and participated in reuse fairs and planting an orchard in Queen Mary. I would like to help, and together with all the friends, to reduce campus wastes and water pollutions.

Tala Sammur

To make a lasting impact on the world, we must start with our community. To me, this means instilling a sense of responsibility and commitment in Queen Mary to make environmentally conscious decisions. Please check out my manifesto to learn more about me and my aims!

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