Trans Representative

The Trans Representative shall seek feedback, represent the interests of and be the voice of Trans students on issues they face. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Communities, coordinating and convening with the other LGBT+ Representatives (Mile End) & (Barts and The London), for LGBT+ History month and other appropriate campaigns liaising with members of the relevant clubs, societies and student groups and encouraging more Trans students to participate and engage with the Students’ Union. This is a cross-campus position.

Role Description

The Candidates

Sebastian Mylly

Being transgender can be an awfully lonely experience. I want to tackle that in two ways. Firstly, I want to organise more trans-specific events and meet-ups; we all need to know we're not out here alone. Secondly, I want to increase awareness of trans issues and trans presence on campus.

Florence Corf

I'm running to ensure our voices are heard. More must be done to ensure the safety of every trans person on every campus. Following the great work of previous representatives, my pledges will do what is right for our community.

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