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About the role

The Student Trustees make up 6 of the 18 members of the Board of Trustees, who are responsible for the management, oversight, and administration of the Students’ Union. You’ll have the responsibility to ensure the Students' Union is following its legal, financial and strategic duties as a Charity, and bring your own university and Students' Union experience to the Board.

This is a 2-year post (1 year if you are in your final year).

Role description

The Candidates

Omar Sawalha

I am currently a first year Computer Science and Mathematics course rep, and have prior experience in student politics due to my involvement in multiple societies in college, I am confident in my ability to excel in this position and contribute to taking QMSU to the next level.

Ahmed Mohamed

As someone who has been involved in student political activism and formal debate from a young age, I am no stranger to conveying my beliefs and standing firmly for what is right. I am the right person to assist QMSU in optimising your student experience!

Eshwinder Singh

I, as a future Student Trustee of Queen Mary University of London, promise to prioritize transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration in all university decision-making processes. I will strive to ensure open communication, represent all students' voices, and work towards creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Vineethraj Bokinala

Empowering Fellow Students, Building a Brighter Future Together!

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James Siswick

Vote for me to represent you as a trustee. I’m a first year medical student with 20+ years business experience. I’m an ex-KPMG partner, an accountant and a charity trustee. I’ll make sure the SU is well-run for the students, financially safe and legally sound.

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Emma Macpherson

I believe my academic and professional experience with student societies and International organisations have given me the appropriate knowledge to support the board of trustees and to advise the Students Union in a compassionate and cooperative manner.

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Liam Nicholson

As a member of several student groups for the past five years, an elected BLSA Officer for the past three, most recently as Vice-President London and a sitting member of Student Council, I have the knowledge, experience and dedication to serve the QMSU community as a trustee.

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Rahma Hegy

With 2+ years of experience in SU, I gained the skills and the knowledge to be an effective Student Trustee. I am passionate about making a positive change and I will ensure the SU runs in the best interests of its students. I promise to honour your trust in me!

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Raisa Chowdhury

An engaging communicator who is ready to take on challenges and make sure Student’s Union fulfils its legal duties as a charity, keeps developing its strategies and is smoothly functioning.

Fatehdeep Singh

Vote for Hope , Vote for change

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Georgia Katsiota

I am a first year law student and I am running to be your next Student Trustee. I am dedicated to representing your needs and advocating for your rights. Let's collaborate to create an inclusive and equitable community where every voice is heard.

Will Goad

I would aim to make sure students with attention deficit disorders are given the support they need by the SU and university. I would push to conduct a review of how lectures are delivered and the EC system which are currently letting down all students not just those with ADD.

Kyra Sinha

Uniting student voices, igniting positive change

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Salman Halani

Leading with Student Voices: Transparency, Accountability, and Communication for a Refined and Stronger QMUL Community.

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