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About the role

The Student Trustees make up 6 of the 18 members of the Board of Trustees, who are responsible for the management, oversight, and administration of the Students’ Union. You’ll have the responsibility to ensure the Students' Union is following its legal, financial and strategic duties as a Charity, and bring your own university and Students' Union experience to the Board.

This is a 2-year post (1 year if you are in your final year).

Role description

The Candidates

Matthew Beach

I am your current VP Communities and trustee within our union. I would love to continue working for our student body as a student trustee, ensuring our strategic longevity and effectiveness, by bringing both my experience as an Executive Officer and as a cultural-sector professional. Please vote first for me!

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Maeidul K

Accountability, integrity, and fiscal responsibility have been my core values throughout my years as a student representative and charity volunteer. As your student trustee, I'll continue to work with these values and ensure that our student union does too.

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Muharram Bin Tariq

Here 'hustle and heart' aren't just buzzwords, they're our mission. I wish you all Goodspeed and Godluck.

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