Vice President Communities

The Vice President Communities represents students and campaigns on matters relating to liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion. They represent students in the local community to local councils, police and other local organisations. They are also the lead for developing and implementing Students’ Union policies regarding student liberation and initiatives for international students, and other communities on campus. They will co-chair the Welfare board alongside the Vice President Welfare and attend relevant university meetings.

Role Description

The Candidates

Munadiah Aftab

I am running for this election because I believe in liberation in the student experience roots, consistency whilst facilitating campaigns and demanding institutional change. More so, I don’t believe it comes from a one-year tenure in this position, but a commitment to campaigning. I believe my experience will facilitate this.

Tiana Dinard-Samuel

I’m passionate about inclusion, equality and opportunity! I want to make sure all students, no matter their background or position in the university, feel represented. I have experience as Student Engagement Intern at the SU and I’m excited to take on this new challenge supporting all of QM’s communities!

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