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About the role

Liberation groups, international students and postgrads – Queen Mary’s student communities provide valuable opportunities for every student to feel part of a community, and the Vice President Communities is here to make sure these communities can thrive.

The Vice President Communities represents students on matters relating to liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion. This role is also responsible for the Liberation Months that run throughout the year. The Vice President Communities will collaborate with liberation representatives, international representatives and postgraduate representatives to remove barriers for participation and make Queen Mary a more inclusive place to study. They'll also work on implementing Student Council policies, meeting with students to understand their concerns, lobby the university, chair the Communities Board and run their own campaigns and projects.

Role description

The Candidates

Finn Mullen

Hey I’m Finn I’m studying biomedical science I am hoping to become a doctor, I am running for the position because I have experience with many of these issues due to being dyslexic and having dyspraxia, being a third generation immigrant and hoping to make QMUL a more inclusive space

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Amna Qamar

QMUL is one of the most diverse Russel group universities in the UK attracting the best talent from around the world each year! Yet the university is underrepresented at some of the biggest firms including The Big4 and MBB firms! As the Vice President Communities, I will dedicate my time

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Mingyue Huang

I'm MingYue Huang, a postgraduate student who studying Banking and Finance. In this election, I aim to be the Vice President Community to help all the students especially the international students better go through this pandemic period with my relative experience.

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Yash Gulati

Hi, I’m Yash, studying MSc International Business and Politics. As an international student with previous work experiences with the Government of India -Social Justice and Empowerment Department, I aim to create a student experience where all courses and nationalities feel represented. “When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion”

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Radhika Thiagarajan

Hi, I study the LLM and I want to be your Vice-President Communities for 2021-2022. As a BAME/international student, I understand the challenges of thriving in an unfair and competitive international environment. I aspire to eliminate discrimination and strive towards creating new and equal opportunities, in QM and upon graduation.

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