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About the role

Liberation groups, international students, and postgrads – our student communities provide valuable opportunities for everyone to feel supported and the Vice President Communities is here to make sure they thrive!

The Vice President Communities represents students and run campaigns on matters relating to liberation, equality, diversity, and inclusion. You’ll collaborate with liberation representatives to remove barriers for participation and make Queen Mary a more inclusive place to study. You’ll take lead on liberation campaigns such as Islamophobia Awareness Month, Asian Heritage Month, LGBT+ History Month and more. You’ll represent student’s views and act on issues affecting them, lobby the university and work closely with the other Execs on initiatives. You’ll sit on the Students’ Union's Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, overseeing financial, legal and strategic tasks.

Role description

The Candidates

Zain Habib Khan

Course repping twice and working part-time as a sports and commercial officer were just the beginning. Now it is time to act on a higher level and promote inclusivity, diversity and liberation across the institution so that it remains in the centre of what Queen Mary stands for.

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Rawad Yehia

Equality, Diversity, Liberation, inclusion: concepts I stand for in my daily life. It is my honor to ensure that these ideologies become a core in all of QM and SU's decisions. Persons of all communities, and No-Label persons, will feel included and supported by us. Vote Rawad Yehia.

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Abigail Adebayo

Life in my opinion would be a little easier if we first committed to recognising minorities as everything but a monolith. There is beauty in difference, work in acceptance and hope in the strive to creating an environment where the communities that are normally disregarded are celebrated, protected and VALUED!

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Matthew Beach

QMUL student for 6 years across MA and PhD study. Course Rep for 2 years, current Postgraduate Research Rep, and member of international, LGBT+, postgraduate, and part-time communities. I have the experience, creativity, and pragmatism to make strategic decisions for the betterment of undergraduate, postgraduate taught, and postgraduate research students.

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