Vice President Humanities & Social Sciences

The Vice President Humanities & Social Sciences represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to students’ education within their faculty, such as teaching quality, library provision and feedback. They are responsible for implementing many of the Students’ Union's education policies and work closely with Course Reps and School Representatives to improve students' educational experience. They chair the Humanities & Social Sciences Board and attend a wide range of university meetings.

Role Description

The Candidates

Cameron Storey

(The RISE Project)

My aim is to foster growth, cooperation and representation amongst Schools to address disparities in the student experience. Gabriela Suarez and I pledge to represent the student’s voice, promote investment in all campuses, fight for increased environmental sustainability and empower all students to achieve more. We are the RISE Project.

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Nazrin Rahman

I believe that we students can help each other and that we should work together and all parts of our Student Union depend on one another. We need to appreciate and listen to a diverse range of voices and ensure improvements, representation and inclusivity take place within our academic experience.

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Gemma Lovett

I want to improve student access to mental health services, to better support their studies and wellbeing. I also want to bridge the gap between students and staff, so that students can form strong relationships with staff members for better advice and guidance both within the university and outside it.

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Jack McArdle

I will represent your interests by improving coordination between departments to introduce a unified style of referencing, ensuring the availability of online versions of all compulsory readings and raising the QMUL bursary in line with inflation.

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