Vice President Humanities and Social Science

About the role

The Vice President Humanities & Social Sciences represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to students’ education within their faculty such as teaching quality, library provision and feedback. They are responsible for implementing many of the Students’ Union's education policies and work closely with Course Reps and School Representatives to improve students' educational experience. They chair the Humanities & Social Sciences Board and attend a wide range of university meetings.

Role description

The Candidates

Gem Stokes

I’m running for VP of HSS to ensure the university experience is of the utmost quality for each and every student. If elected, I promise to continue unfiltered conversations with students, the battle for the reduction of tuition fees, and to campaign for universal accessibility and equality.

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Somya Gupta

A motivated and passion-driven business student with excellent leadership skills. Been the student body president throughout two years of high school, participated in several national competitions related to economics and marketing, and represented my country in an international project with Poland. Looking forward to work for fair representation of students

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Zaynab Khan

Hi everyone! My name is Zaynab Khan, and I am currently a third-year English with Creative Writing student at Queen Mary University of London. I am running for Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences, and as your future representative (God- willing), I would be incredibly appreciative of your support! Thanks

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Saynab Sharif

As VP I will work hard to represent a diverse community and make sure your voice is heard! I am passionate about education and for students to have an input on teaching and teaching. I have the experience and skills to support both undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout their studies.

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Revant Gupta

Being a BAME, international and a law student, I understand the full repercussions of COVID on our university life and our future careers. If you resemble with my views and trust me with this crucial role, for which I assure you I will be performing efficiently, kindly vote for me.

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Madhur Dixit

Passionate MSc Finance and CFA candidate determined to solve complex business problems in the corporate & investment world. Having previously worked in multiple countries and with people with diverse backgrounds, I now look forward to use my much earned transferable skills to represent students and campaigns on matters relating directly

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Joshua Lowes

I would love to represent the student voices within Humanities and Social Sciences. Aiming to make the relevant changes needed and wanted for students at all levels of study. I want your university experience to live up to everything you want it to be and more!

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Jacob Lewis

Hello! My name is Jacob, and I'm running to be next year's VP Humanities and Social Sciences. My key aim is to help you get the most out of your degree. By campaigning for evenly spaced deadlines and accessible course materials, I hope to help you succeed. Thank you :)

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