Vice President Science and Engineering

About the role

The Vice President Science & Engineering represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to students’ education within their faculty such as teaching quality, library provision and feedback. They are responsible for implementing many of the Students’ Union's education policies and work closely with Course Reps and School Representatives to improve students' educational experience. They chair the Science & Engineering Board and attend a wide range of university meetings.

Role description

The Candidates

Palak Dhanadia

Palak and Shrabana

Bill Nye said, "There's nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind." My main goal is to assist Science and Engineering faculty with future student development and involvement in terms of their individual course skills.

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Uttkarsh Raj

Your voice, your choice

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Muneer Hussain

The University makes studying more stressful than it needs to be. As an executive officer this year, I already know what needs to be done and how to do it. Check out my manifesto to see how I'm planning to make your life easier.

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