Welfare Officer (HSS)

About the role

The Welfare Officer (HSS) shall seek feedback and represent students on welfare, equal opportunity and welfare issues affecting students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences and Vice President Welfare with liaising with members of the relevant clubs, societies and student groups.

Role description

The Candidates

Anjali Gananathan

Hi :) my name is Anjali, and I would like to collectively gather HSS voices, instigate change, and address growing issues like mental health. I hope to be a listening ear for our generation, propel your voices and go after what we deserve as students during this difficult time

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Mahnoor Moied

I believe myself of being genuine, creative and driven. By upholding this position I aim to explore options that would provide the best resolution at the same time work with others in the society to promote and ensure safeguarding, diversity and inclusivity is created for the all fellow members.

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