Welfare Officer (HSS)

About the role

Becoming a Welfare Officer is a great opportunity to represent students on welfare and equal opportunity concerns that affect those in the faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. You’ll gather feedback on students’ interests and lobby Queen Mary and other organisations to make a positive difference to their lives. You'll support the Vice President Humanities & Social Sciences and Vice President Welfare with liaising with members of the relevant clubs, societies and student groups to identify concerns and implement solutions.

Role description

The Candidates

Thaleia Antoniou

Empowering Students, Supporting Voices: Vote Thaleia for Welfare Officer!

Sejal Kakkanattu

My objective is to understand the downfalls of welfare and our community and adhere to make improvements. We as a student needs to feel engaged, involved and noticed and if elected i will ensure this happens.

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Rsaal Firoz

Every student deserves swift access to support.

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Malaika Malik

Dedicated to making sure that student welfare is made a priority and that equal opportunities are available to anyone and everyone.

Samiksha Jadhav

I’m Kind & Fair, Vote for me because I Care! Welfare Officer Sam at your service! =D

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Ayaan Islam

Making Welfare a priority for SEF

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