Womens Representative (Mile End)

About the role

The Women's Representative (Mile End) shall seek feedback and represent the interests of Mile End campus women students on issues they face. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Communities, coordinating and convening the Students’ Union's Women’s Forum, liaising with members of the relevant clubs, societies and student groups as well as encouraging more women to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role description

The Candidates

Tavleen Kaur Taneja

Any candidate can make promises, but I follow through. I am a committed individual that religiously seeks equality amongst all spheres of life. My name is Tavleen Kaur Taneja and I am running for the position of ‘Woman Representative’ of the Mile End Campus. Your vote will be immensely appreciated.

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Olivia Best

I am a compassionate, confident and committed woman who is excited to represent all women of QMUL. I would love to implement an All For All policy, look at the issues and stigma around period products and contraception and highlight the validity of all women in society.

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Amy Krens and Natasha Kaur

Hi! My name is Amy Krens I am studying English language and linguistics. My name is Natasha Kaur I am studying English and History. We are excited to run together for the position of women’s representative and bring about significant changes and raise awareness in our Queen Mary community.

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Maham Masood

I would like to be elected as the women’s representative because I believe I hold the core beliefs needed to run for the position. I consider myself a proud feminist and wish to ensure equality on our campus so that women’s interests are brought to attention as well.

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Jessica Kwok

I want to become the next Women’s Representative because I believe my goals to actively collaborate with societies (and broadcast career-focused opportunities), prioritise safety on campus with mental health, and create an inclusive community will successfully further a culture where everyone can feel empowered, safe and understood.

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