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What does decolonisation mean to you?
20th March 9am - 3rd April 5pm
SU Hub
Help QMSU have an open conversation about decolonisation by writing your thoughts and opinions on our decolonisation wall in the SU Hub. Bring friends, get jotting and share your ideas!
BL Merger sign making
27th March 7pm - 9pm
Griff Inn
QM Merger sign making
27th March 7pm - 9pm
Decolonisation Book Club
28th March 12:30pm - 2pm
Blomeley Rooms 1 & 2, SU Hub
Join QMSU to ‘Decolonise Your Bookshelf’! We will be reading ‘As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow’ by Zoulfa Katouh.
Shake & Serve
28th March 5pm - 11pm
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