Candidate Question Time

Monday 13 March 2023, 6pm - 9pm

Blomeley Rooms, Mile End
About this event

It's the Students' Union Elections 2023! Voting opens at 10am on Monday 13th March and closes at 4pm on Thursday 16th March.

Candidate Question Time is your opportunity to find out more about your 2023 Executive Officer candidates. You'll be able to hear from the candidates and find out what they want to do to improve your university experience. We'll be asking them questions on the topics you care about. You'll also be able to ask your own questions you have been wanting to ask all the candidates!

The event is open to all students with the evening consisting of questions to the candidates and closing speeches. The following positions will be featured:

  • President
  • Vice President Welfare
  • Vice President Communities
  • Vice President Barts and The London
  • Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Vice President Science and Engineering

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