Cardio Area

Qmotion has Life Fitness Treadmills, X trainers, and cycles all of which are connected to the internet and free-view TV. The main gym also has five Watt bike's.

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Female Only Gym

The Female Only Gym is equipped with cardio and resistance machines as well as a free weights area with two squat racks and dumbbells up to 20kg, along with a stretching area.

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Free Weights

Qmotion has an extensive selection of free weights including dumbbells up to 50kg, four squat racks with integrated Olympic lifting platforms, and over 2000kg of coloured bumper plates.

Resistance Machines

The gym has Life-Fitness Pro-2 series resistance machines to train all major muscle groups as well as four adjustable cable stations with multi-grip chin-up handles.


Qmotion hosts a number of exercise classes and has two spacious dance studios with sprung wooden floors and a dedicated spin studio with 17 spin bikes. All our studios are air-conditioned to keep you comfortable while you workout.

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Squash Court

Gym members and non-members can book the squash court up to seven days in advance either at reception or over the phone.

Student: £7
Public: £9
Staff: £8

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  • Players must leave a contact details at reception to allow for contact tracing
  • Only people from the same household can share the court.
  • Maximum of two players at a time on the court.
  • Players must sanitise their hands before entering the court.
  • Do not touch the court walls or floor with your hands. If you do stop play and sanitise your hands.
  • Only one person to:
    • Handle the token.
    • Open/close the door.
    • Touch the ball.
  • Players mush wipe down the door handle and timer box with disinfectant wipes after each booking.
  • Qmotion covid-19 terms & conditions of entry to the facility apply to squash bookings

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