Adopt A Charity

Find out more about the Students' Union Adopt A Charity scheme here and how you can get involved!

What is RAG Adopt a Charity?

Adopt a Charity is a way in which you can fundraise as a student group, raising money for charity, all you need to do is follow the simple steps set out below and then you can start gathering the pennies and pounds for a UK registered charity.

As the Students' Union itself is a UK registered charity it is subject to legislation contained in the Charities Act, this means that all charity fundraising must go through the RAG account due to rules around charities donating to one another.

How does a student group adopt a charity?

  1. Choose your UK registered charity and let your campus's RAG Officer know. Contact the charity to let them know you'd like to fundraise. Request a letterhead with bank details addressed to Queen Mary Students' Union.
  2. E-mail to let us know your student group e.g. club, society, volunteering group, student media outlet and your chosen charity and attach the letterhead from the charity.
  3. Plan and run fundraising events throughout the year. Check out the How to Fundraise page on how the Students' Union can help support you in doing this
  4. Tell people about your event! E-mail us on and we will promote your event for you.
  5. Cash in any money that you raise to the Students' Union Hub Reception or BLSA reception so that we can organise the donation to be sent to your adopted charity
  6. Complete the donation request form (this will be sent to you once your money is cashed in)
  7. Send us photographs and let us know how it goes to be included in the monthly RAG round-up

Why adopt a charity?

  • Get nominated in fundraising award categories for the Students' Union Awards, including the RAG Awards.
  • Feature on our RAG Leaderboards: online, in the Students' Union Hub and BLSA Building.
  • Bring your student group together to make a difference to the causes that matter to you and have fun in the process!
  • Helps you work toward the Students' Union Excellence Award to recognise your student group from going above and beyond
  • Develop your own skills by organising and planning events while raising money for a good cause

Get Fundraising – check out our how to fundraise information here to get ideas, information on how to book out charity buckets and booking a stall in library square.

Fundraising Leaderboard - March 2020

# Student Group Amount Raised
1 QM/BL Isoc £7,119.23
2 BL Netball £1,427.64
3 BL DentSoc £1410.98
4 QMTC £1,026.95
5 BL Boat Club £944.12
6 Global Brigades £611.00
7 QM Netball  £579.82
8 Somali Soc £418.87
9 BL ACS £400.00
10 DoVES 363.60


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