Adopt A Charity

Find out more about our Adopt A Charity scheme here and how you can get involved!


RAG want to help your student group get started with fundraising and raising money for good causes.

You can either select one of our nominated charities or alternatively you could adopt your own for the year! For QM students we would encourage you to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now & MIND. BL Students please consider fundraising for The Barts Guild, Cardiac Risk in the Young & Medicines Sans Fronteires.


Sounds good, how do I adopt a charity?

With hundreds of local, national and international charities out there we are sure you will find something that matches your student group! RAG can support your society too;

  • Plan and run events and activities, through working with you on event planning including; budgeting, risk assessments, ticketing, promotion and the legalities of fundraising.
  • Promote your event or activity through our Social Media pages and online.
  • Provide you with an online fundraising page.
  • Provide you with fundraising buckets, tins and other equipment.
  • Apply for permits to fundraise across London and beyond through street and public collections.
  • Help to manage the finances from your fundraising activities and events, or any money you raise through collections. All the money is banked in the Union into our Student Group RAG account and then paid out.
  • Ensure the money you raise is sent to your chosen cause by either cheque or bank transfer, whilst ensuring your student group is fully credited with the fundraising.

In addition by being involved in the “Adopt a Charity” you will gain further benefits including;

  • Your society will feature on our RAG society leaderboards on our RAG Walls in the Students’ Union Hub and BLSA building, and online on our website. The top fundraising student group will receive prizes.
  • Get entered into award categories for the Union Awards 2016.
  • Have fun and make a real difference to the causes that matter to you.
  • Work toward a societies excellence award!


# Student Group Amount Raised
1 QM Islamic Society  £31,608.29
2 BL Muslim Medic & Dentist Society £31,510.66
3 QM Global Brigade Society £4,615.61
4 QM Young Greens Society £2,454.02
5 QMBL Syria Solidarity Society £1,792.88
6 BL Rugby Club £1,563.00
7 BL Dental Society £1,217.05
8 QM Somali Society £1,097.87
9 BL Women's Hockey Club £762.39
10 QM Netball Club £714.90
11 QMBL Marrow £579.61
12 QM Snow Sports Club £579.61
13 BL Paediatric Society £559.17
14 QM Disco Society £506.20
15 QM UNICEF £487.00
16 QM Oxfam Society £393.44
17 QM Kurdish Society £386.51
18 QM Sri Lankan Society £320.26
19 QM Theatre Company £318.29
20 QM Amnesty International Society £312.73

QM Lawyers Without Borders


22 QM Rugby Club £257.61
23 QM Red Cross on Campus Society


24 BL Dance Society £190.00
25 QM Bow Foodbank £125.08
26 QM STAR £120.85
27 QM ACS £100.00
28 QM Biomedics Society £99.05
29 QM Gaming & Video Gaming Society £97.82
30 BL Tennis Club £85.00
31 BL Water Polo Cub £72.00
32 Pokemon £65.32
33 QM Maths Society £57.50
34 BL Men's Football Club £55.00
35 Indian Society £29.00
36 BL Breakdancing Club £8.28


Fundraising Event Ideas!

When it comes to charity fundraising there are endless possibilities of things that you can do to have a great time, whilst raising money for an important cause close to your heart. We will always do our best to support you with whatever you are planning, whether that’s a show, 24hour Sportathon, marathon challenge, or anything else! Check out this A-Z of fundraising ideas to get you started!

If you want to find out more about our Adopt a Charity scheme simply contact Team RAG by emailing


Check out our Raise & Give Student Group Resources page for more handy tips and advice, and information on the services we offer at


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