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Raise & Give (RAG) covers all the charity fundraising activity at Queen Mary Students’ Union.

RAG at Queen Mary Students' Union is student-led. Affiliated student groups raise money for their chosen charities and our RAG committees raise money for our nominated charities that are chosen by our students each year. Fundraising can be done for local or national UK registered charities.

Applications for nominated charities usually open in the summer.


RAG is run primarily by the RAG Officers, who are elected representatives within the Students’ Union. As RAG is student-led, it can change slightly depending on how the officers choose to run it.

Nominated charities are usually chosen for one academic year. Applications for nominated charities usually open in the summer months. If you want to get in touch and register an interest at a sooner point you can do by emailing and you will be kept up-to-date with the process.

Once the closing date for applications has passed, it can take a few weeks to get back to you. This can be due to students being away, the volume of applications and other factors. If you have not heard back by the end of September, assume you have not been successful. However, you can still get involved in other ways, such as: adopt a charity.

Adopt a Charity is an initiative which student groups can get involved in. It is a way they can fundraise providing the charity has a UK registered charity number. Some student groups have their own processes to nominate or adopt charities and therefore we would recommend reaching out to them to see if they would be interested.

QMSU Volunteering is the volunteering service at Queen Mary, University of London Students' Union, with over 2500 registered volunteers. They are keen to engage in a variety of volunteering activities within the local and wider community.

We want to promote volunteering opportunities which students want to do, roles which challenge them, develop their skills, or provide the opportunity to work directly with end users. For this reason there are a number of roles we don’t recruit student volunteers for and these include cheerers for races, envelope stuffers, or drivers.

All roles advertised need to be open to all students (regardless of personal attributes such as faith, gender, age, background, etc.) and roles cannot involve students recruiting members for or promoting the tenants or a particular faith or political leaning.

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