How to Advertise to Student Volunteers

Find out more on how you can advertise to student volunteers

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Register your organisation

Complete our online registration form and agree to our Service Level Agreement to register your organisation. As part of the registration process you must upload a Health and Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Volunteer Policy and, where relevant, a Safeguarding Policy. 

Before registering we advise that you consult our FAQs for guidance on the types of volutneering opportunities we advertise.


Upload your opportunities

Once we approve your application, you will be invited to log in to your organisation's profile to upload volunteering opportunities onto our online database. Students can then browse and register interest for these opportunities. You can change the details on your profile and volunteer roles at any time and can have a number of staff members coordinating a number of different volunteer roles, provided all have agreed to the conditions of our Service Level Agreement.


Contact interested students

You will be notified by email when any prospective volunteers register interest for your opportunities. This email requests that you make contact with the students directly to offer further information, including next steps and recruitment procedures. We ask that once a student expresses interest in your opportunitiy, you make contact within five working days.


Promotional support from QMSU Volunteering

QMSU Volunteering will promote your opportunities accordingly to students via our website, social media channels, through our regular email communications, and through tailored communications with academic schools. We will invite you to Volunteer Fairs and other student engagement events free of charge, and advise you on the best ways to promote your volunteering roles. 



Keep in touch

We expect all registered partner organisations to let us know if they successfully recruit any Queen Mary volunteers by sending a list of names and volunteering hours once per month. This is for reporting and evaluation purposes and also allows us to recognise our students through with Volunteering Awards. We can also see which organisations are engaging with QMSU. 


If you have any questions about advertising your roles which the FAQs page does not answer, please email

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