Welcome to Queen Mary Students’ Union, a student-led organisation here to help and support you through your time at Uni. We’re a not-for-profit and separate from the University, which means alongside loads of fun activities, sports and events, we also hold the University to account and challenge them on issues affecting students at Queen Mary.

Discover your Students' Union

So you're officially going to uni. It’s a big part of the experience, but uni isn’t just about studying.. find out how you can get involved with Queen Mary Students’ Union and figure out how to spend the time away from your desk doing things you’ll love.

Join Clubs & Societies

Got a hobby or passion you love, or something new you really want to try? We have over 200 Societies and Sports Clubs that will link you up with other people who like the same stuff too!

Hello, sports fans

Uni is all about creating a lifestyle that works for you and makes you feel great. Perhaps you’re sports mad or focusing on health and wellbeing, but even if you have a full-blown fitness phobia we can help find something active that works for you. Hooray for endorphins!

Eat, Drink and Dance

Let’s be real, London can be expensive and you might be wondering how far that student loan is actually going to get you.. Stay on campus and make amazing memories without blowing your rent money!

Shopping on campus

Grabbing a snack or doing the weekly shop couldn’t be easier on campus. Our shops stock everything from the student must-have QMUL hoodie to emergency loo roll.. if you know, you know!

Leave the world a better place

What’s it feel like to be part of a powerful generation standing up and facing issues head on? Sure, there’s a lot to do, but we’ve got this! So let’s get to work, change the world and have a heap of fun doing it.

Help run your Students' Union

Think you have ways to improve the University experience? Why not run for a position on Student Council, become a Course Rep or get involved in Students' Union campaings.

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It’s more important than ever to make sure you spend your cash wisely. That’s why we wanted you to know that when you buy something from a Students’ Union outlet, you are helping to fund and support a whole load of amazing stuff!

Not for profit, just for students.

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Frequently asked questions

As a Queen Mary student, you're automatically a member of the Students' Union as soon as you enrol, so no need to register!

If you've received your IT log in details, you can log in by clicking on the 'Log in' button on the top right of the website, then using your details through the 'Current Student' section. If you haven't received these yet, you will need to register as a new student by clicking on the 'New Students 2023' section.

Memberships for most of our groups are already available to buy online or at our Students' Union Hub Reception. If you want to find out more about our groups before joining follow them on social media, check out their welcome events or come along to the Welcome Fair on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September.

If you're having any issues buying a Freshers pass or any of our event tickets, please email our events team at su-events@qmul.ac.uk.

Of course! As long as you are a Queen Mary student, you can attend any of our events at any of our campuses.

Most (not all) of our events will alow you to bring in one guest for an event, as long as they arrive with you and are signed in upon arrival. All guests must have their own guest ticket which can be purchased on the event ticket page. Please check the individual event pages for more information.

We know that you might not have your physical card just yet, but don't worry, until the 1st of October, simply bring along proof of you being a student at Queen Mary (this could be an email registered to you, QM+ login etc) and our events team will be happy to help.