Every month we recognise and reward the hard work that our amazing Course Reps do! Find out more here.

Rewards & Recognition

Course Rep of the Month (CROTM)

Course Rep of the Month is our scheme designed to recognise and reward the hard work that our amazing Course Reps do! Each month we award the Course Rep of the Month title to a rep from each faculty (Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Medicine and Dentistry).

All students, Course Reps and members of staff can submit nominations through the QMSU website; reps can also nominate themselves. The award will be given to the Course Rep that best fits the defined criteria:

  • Evidence of being proactive and taking initiative.
  • Evidence of collecting and representing the opinions of all or majority of students that they represent.
  • Evidence of taking measures to tackle the issues raised by their peers and proposing changes and action points while providing feedback.
  • Evidence of using negotiation and persuasion techniques effectively and researching the issue and avenues for resolving it (5Rs of Representation in action)
  • Evidence of working collaboratively with fellow course reps, School Representatives, Education Coordinator, Faculty Vice Presidents, and other relevant members of staff within the university and the Students' Union.
  • Evidence of championing the Students' Union values and raising awareness of current campaigns or events.
  • Evidence of engaging with and attending SSLCs (Student Staff Liaison Committees) and School Forums.
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Course Rep Contribution Awards

Course Reps will receive a Course Rep Contribution Award at the end of each academic year if they meet the following criteria:

  • Attending the Students’ Union training
  • Attend at least one SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) per semester
  • Attend at least one School Forum per semester

The award a rep receives will depend on how long they have been a rep:

  • Course rep for one academic year: Contribution Award
  • Course rep for two academic years: Senior Contribution Award
  • Course rep for three academic years: Gold Contribution Award

If you cannot attend an SSLC or a School Forum within the semester, please contact us with your reason and we will get back to you. Email us at su-coursereps@qmul.ac.uk.

HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record)

Your Contribution Award can also be added to your HEAR transcript. Find out more about HEAR by clicking the button below.

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Education Awards

All Course Reps who are eligible for the Course Rep Contribution Award will be invited to the Education Awards ceremony in Semester 2 where they receive a certificate to recognise their contribution.

Course reps who win the Course Rep of the Month award will automatically be nominated for the Course Rep of the Year award, the winner of which will be announced at the Education Awards ceremony.

Recent News

Course Rep of the month 2022/23

Tue 29 Mar 2022

Each month we award the Course Rep of the Month title to a rep from each faculty.
you can view the course rep of the month's winners here.


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