About Me

I am a 22-year-old Computer Science graduate, who was a part-time officer in Student Council as the Welfare Representative for Mile End, in the year 2018/19. I then became Vice President Welfare in 2019/20, which was a great experience, but also a bit of a bittersweet year. We achieved a lot, triggered a lot of changes but the year in general was very difficult for us and our students, including the start of a whole global pandemic with Covid-19. I have now taken over as President for the year 2020/21 and I will work hard to ensure we have a successful year, no matter how uncertain and scary the year ahead seems.

My top priorities for the year

My main priority is to lead the Students' Union through this pandemic and see that all the changes from the democracy review are enacted. The truth about being an Executive Officer is that our role, no matter how you plan it, is rather reactionary. We must constantly react to issues as they arise. So, the only certainty I can give right at this moment is that my priority is the student body at Queen Mary. I refuse to let them down.