Muneer Hussain

Tell us a bit about your journey here at Queen Mary so far?

The only universities I got into were QM and KCL, choosing between the two was pretty easy, especially when one was within walking distance from home. Looking back at it, I probably should have put more thought into it. No regrets here though :)

I studied Computer Science and Mathematics for my undergrad degree, I was even a demonstrator in my final year. Alongside that I got quite heavily involved with the Islamic Society with things like Charity Week and Islamophobia Awareness Month.

For most people, university is a once in a lifetime thing – when you leave, you probably won’t be coming back. As I hit my final year I started to really think about what this experience meant in my life, what were the things that I was able to achieve, what mark did I leave? In the end, I guess I wasn’t ready to call it a day just yet, there were still more things to do.

I think that the way we perceive things like welfare, mental well-being and overall self-care need to change. Covid has taught us that anxiety, depression and loneliness is not reserved for the few, but rather it affects all of us to some degree. I want people to adopt the idea that looking after yourself is for everyone, even if you feel like there’s nothing wrong with your mental health in particular.

Favourite spot on any of our campuses?

Has to be the MFC (Multi-Faith Centre), it’s the place to go when things get overwhelming and you need time to collect your thoughts, reflect, pray and so on.

What would be the first thing you'd recommend to first years to try out?

Take a trip down Canalside, the calming scenery is good for the nerves of starting at uni.

Probably not a hidden gem but the Nest in the Students’ Union Hub is probably one of the best study/social spaces on campus.

The Students’ AMM is always an interesting highlight of the year. Many big motions are put through and discussed and it’s one of the strongest ways to make your voice heard. For me it was my first real engagement with the Students’ Union and Student affairs.

ISOC Charity Week is also another highlight. Islamic Societies from across the UK compete in raising money for different projects around the world. Last year, for the first time, QM dethroned UCL to take first place amongst the institutions that took part.

What’s your go-to order for Drapers or The Griff?

I actually have not ordered food at Drapers or The Griff. Is that weird?

What’s your favourite non-campus place in East London?

Growing up in East London, I’ve been continuously nourished by the plethora of junk food available from Mile End Road all the way to Whitechapel. My favourite place to eat would have to be KHF in Stepney Green. It’s the place I’ve been the most and the best place to go if you aren’t looking to break the bank. Is it the unhealthiest food that you will eat? Probably. Is it worth it? Definitely.

If you could tell the incoming students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’re here for a limited amount of time so make use of everything around you. QM is also a very diverse uni in terms of it’s student body. Get to know people of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths. The world is so rich and university brings all of that within an arm’s reach.

What is your ideal day out in London?

I quite enjoy playing casual football followed by a well-deserved munch anywhere around Mile End.

If you could be on holiday anywhere right now, where would you be?


What movie character best represents you?

Absolutely no idea.

What’s your useless/hidden talent?

I can (just about) juggle two things in one hand