Aphrodite Murray-Liddington

VP Science & Engineering

About Me

Hey, I'm Aphrodite, a 21 year old who still gets ID'd at video game stores. I've just graduated from a 3 year Zoology course and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to represent students in the School of Science and Engineering. Zoology has taken me to a couple of different continents which has been incredible as I love experiencing different cultures firsthand and prior to my degree I hadn't been travelling as much as I would have liked.

I've had the pleasure of presenting projects to both GlaxoSmithKline as a semi-finalist in the STEM Telegraph Awards 2019 and the IBM Women's Conference. That was really nerve-wracking but awesome and gave me a reason to wear a dapper suit and nerd out about sciencey things (not that I need any reasons). I decided to become an SBCS (School of Biological & Chemical Sciences) ambassador and this helped me understand what prospective students are looking for when trying to select a university. It also allowed me to reflect on my own and other students' experiences within Science and Engineering, both identifying areas in need of improvement and celebrating the success of accomplishments we have achieved. Working for the Students' Union as a receptionist and steward exposed me to the daily going-ons of the Students' Union. Working that job is the reason I am here today, I was working at Laird Hall and in the midst of the tipsy cheers of the semi/very intoxicated medics and dentists I had a moment of clarity where I thought 'let's give this campaign a shot'. Not the most inspiring realisation, but I definitely won't forget it.

My top priorities for the year

Introducing modules with a more balanced exam to coursework ratio is a really important project I hope to complete. I know many students find exams difficult, not because of their lack of intelligence but the format of the assessment itself. I think reaching an equilibrium between the modes of assessments is a more equitable way of marking students and truly reflects their hard work throughout the years. I endeavour to help students have a say in their own social events such as graduation. I remember having so many ideas for icebreakers and degree specific activities that I regret not sharing with the uni. I have a lot of other priorities but I'm limited with words I can write so I'll end on this one: stronger repercussions for intolerance in our faculty. This will always be important, but with the world protesting racial injustice and abuse it is about time that people within the university are held accountable for microaggressions and fascist behaviour. I believe the best way to do that is through educating them.

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