Bilge Kacmaz

VP Science & Engineering

Bilge Kacmaz

Tell us a bit about your journey here at Queen Mary so far?

I was planning to do my master’s in aerospace engineering, and I found out that QM is one of the best universities where I can get the best education in my field. Also, I thought being a student in London was an amazing idea.

It has been three years I have been at QM. I had a master’s degree and then I started my PhD in Aerospace Engineering. During this time, I really enjoy my time at university. Mostly I spend my time in the library because of my intense studies but still I had a change to attend many events and social activities around the campus.

Before this year QMSU did not have any postgraduate students working as Exec Officers so I thought working there and improving both undergraduate and postgraduate’s life is a great idea. And I believe that I can make positive changes.

I realized that QMSU Team did not have enough projects for postgraduate students. So I thought that this year we can also focus on postgraduates.

Favourite spot on any of our campuses?

CANAL SIDEE!! Every time whether I feel happy or sad I just go there and have coffee and enjoy my time at QM.

What would be the first thing you'd recommend to first years to try out?

Canal Side, top floor of Graduate Center. Parties at Drapers. Every activity at Qmotion.

What’s your go-to order for Drapers or The Griff?

Chips and Cider.

What’s your favourite non-campus place in East London?

Victoria Park

If you could tell the incoming students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Get involved with university as much as you can!

As one of the new Executive Officer positions, how are you going to interact with the schools in your faculty to improve the experience for students?

Listening to them! We have many meeting with people from all over university. I think the best way to improve students life is asking them what they want.

What is your ideal day out in London?

Having a breakfast at Breakfast Club in Soho, getting a coffee and walking in Hyde Park, maybe some shopping in Oxford Street and nice dinner at Sticks & Sushi in Covent Garden, finally clubbing at E1.

If you could be on holiday anywhere right now, where would you be?

Turkeyy!! It has been a year I have not been home so I would definitely go to Turkey and have a nice holiday with my family.

What movie character best represents you?

Merida - Brave

What’s your useless/hidden talent?

I do kickboxing, boxing and muay thai.

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