Saynab Sharif

VP Humanities & Social Sciences

Saynab Sharif

Tell me a bit about your journey here at QM so far?

I applied to QM because I couldn’t decide whether to do English Lit or History and found that they offer so many interdisciplinary courses. I started at QM in 2016 to study English and History and in 2020 started a MA in Politics and International Relations. During my time, I’ve been a Course Rep, Student Ambassador and NUS Delegate, involved in some societies have all been an incredible experience. Along the way I’ve met so many people from different backgrounds and areas and made some great friends along the way.

One of the reasons why I ran for this role is to improve student’s education experience and have an impact on driving change at QM. There aren’t many people who look like me in positions around the university who make decisions that impact BAME students. I plan to improve representation by lobbying the university to make its education and staff more inclusive and diverse to reflect the student body, and for QM to become an institution that is actively anti-racist and acknowledge the work that must be done to do this.

Favourite spot on any of our campuses?


What would be the first thing you’d recommend to first years to try out?

I would recommend signing up for societies and clubs to try new things. There are so many on offer that might peak your interest, get involved and find a new hobby or curiosity. In my third year, I joined a magazine society and wrote and published an article for the first time.

What your go to order for Drapers or the Griff?

The Mac and cheese and Southern Fried Chicken is quite nice.

What’s your favourite non-campus place in East London?

The London Docklands

If you could tell the incoming students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Try not to be too hard on yourself! (It is easier said than done ?) University is difficult and you’ll probably realise this in first year when you’re learning new skills and in a new environment. It can be overwhelming so when you need help and unsure ask for help as there is support available. You can always reach out, and always happy to help!

As one of the new Executive Officer positions, how are you going to interact with the schools in your faculty to improve the experience for students?

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Science has many different schools with hundreds of students. My aim is to make sure that students in these schools are represented and their feedback is heard and acted on, through myself and in collaboration with School Reps and Course Reps. I want to work on decolonising the curriculum in HSS to make it more inclusive, diverse and for students to have an input in co-designing the curriculum. Lastly, I’m looking forward to working with students at all levels, both undergraduates and postgraduates so they feel welcome and supported at QM and QMSU and achieve their full potential!

What is your ideal day out in London?

Visiting parks, museums and bookshops.

What’s your useless/hidden talent?

Binge-watching TV Shows

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