Queen Mary Students' Union is a member of the NUS which is an alliance of around 600 students' unions, approximately 95 per cent of all higher and further education students’ unions in the UK. Through these students' unions, NUS represents the interests of more than seven million students.

NUS’s mission is to promote, defend and extend the rights of students by campaigning nationally on issues like higher education funding, and to develop and champion strong students' unions by supporting them in their activities – representing, supporting and providing services to students.

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What is NUS National Conference?

Every students’ union that is a member of NUS will have the opportunity to send delegates to NUS National Conference. That means the event will be a gathering of hundreds of students from all across the country.

The conference is students’ opportunity to set NUS’s agenda for the year ahead by debating and voting on suggested actions submitted by students’ unions. It’s also where the leaders of NUS get elected including the National President and the five NUS Vice-Presidents.

This year’s conference will take place in Newcastle in April. We'll be electing our delegates to NUS National Conference at the main elections in the spring.


NUS Sections Conference

NUS Sections are three campaigns that specifically look to campaign on specific issues relating to a certain type of student. These are postgraduates, international students and mature and part-time students. NUS holds a conference every year, where students can vote on nationally policy and put themselves forward for election.



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