Elected Officers

Find out all about who your Students' Union representatives are and what they do.

Who Are They?

Your elected officers are students, elected by the whole student population, who work and volunteer for the Students' Union for a year.

They work for you on all issues to do with student life. They listen to how you want things to be done and work with the relevant people to make it happen. They also direct the Students' Union in the way you want it to be run and to suit your needs.

There are six Executive Officers who take a year out of their course, or work for a year after they graduate to undertake the role, and thirty-seven student representatives and part-time officers who manage their responsibilities on a voluntary basis alongside doing their course.

To find out more about the positions and who is representing you, please go to the links below.

We have an Activity Leader & Representative agreement, covering what students volunteering their time can expect in support, and expectations we have for those volunteering, which can be found here.