Find everything you need to know about running activities and events, from booking rooms to running large scale events.

Activities & Events

This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know when running activities and events for your group. If there is any money involved in your event, please refer to the finance section on the committee hub.

Sports Clubs: If you are looking for information about Match Days and BUCS events, please contact your staff support.

Useful forms:

Here are the processes you need to follow for your Student Groups' events and activities.

Always let us know when you’re thinking of running an event (regardless of if it is covered by your annual risk assessment) so we can help you out right away! You can let us know via the link down below.

It is always best to tell us about any planned trips or balls as soon as possible so we can support you in planning.

Minimum Notice Periods
  • Anything on campus: 1 week
  • Anything online: 1 week
  • Anything off campus but within London: 2 weeks
  • Anything off campus but outside of London: 2 weeks
  • Trips within the UK: 2 weeks
  • Trips Abroad: 8 weeks
  • Ball or similar: 6 weeks
  • Conference event: 6 weeks

Online events/activities

Student Group leaders should familiarise themselves with the Online Platforms Guidance which contains information how to facilitate and maintain positive and inclusive interactions and how to respond to inappropriate behaviour at online events and activities.

The Online Safety Settings Guide also explains how you can best use the settings on Zoom Pro and MS Teams to keep your Student Group online interactions safe and a positive experience for all involved.

Online platforms guidance Online safety settings

Any other in-person events/activities

Any Student Group event/activity not covered by the above information will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To inform us of any other events/activities you’re considering fill in the Events/Activities Registration Form.

If you are unsure of what process to follow for your events/activities please get in contact with your relevant staff support.

Events/Activity Registration

Health & Safety

For more information on risk assessments, online safety, and safeguarding see the Keeping Safe section of the Committees' Hub.

Find out more
Trips Abroad and Trips in the UK

If you are planning a trip abroad or in the UK, please allow for 8 weeks of planning. Please register your trip with us and a member of the Student Engagement team will organise a meeting with you to discuss your trip.

Please do not book anything without meeting with a member of the Student Engagement team first. Before the meeting, please complete a risk assessment and have a rough plan with what you would like to do.

Balls and Conferences

If you are planning on organising a ball or a conference or similar, please allow for 6-8 weeks of planning. Please register your event with us and one of the student engagement team will organise a meeting with you to discuss your ball or conference.

Before the meeting, please complete a risk assessment and a detailed budget plan to present to the member of the engagement team. Please do not book or sign anything without meeting with a member of the student engagement team first.

Please click on the document below for further guidance and how to prepare for a large event.

Download guide

Affiliated Student Groups may request to use spaces on campus for their activities. If you are making a booking on behalf of an external organisation, please contact us.

Students’ Union Rooms and Library Square Stalls

These are rooms in the Students’ Union Hub (Mile End), BLSA Building (Whitechapel). Bookings requests can also be made for a stall in Library Square (Mile End).

5 working days minimum notice is required for booking these spaces.

Before making a booking request please make sure you carefully read the booking terms and conditions at the top of the request forms as well as the Fair Usage Protocol.

Book a Students' Union room Fair usage protocol

University Rooms

These are teaching rooms in University buildings. After certain times and on weekends there may be a charge for portering in University rooms (prices and times subject to change). This is subject to change, but an indication of when porters would be needed for University rooms is here. Please note that physical activity, food and drink, and music is not permitted in University rooms.

Before making a booking request, please make sure you carefully read the booking terms and conditions at the top of the request forms as well as the Fair Usage Protocol. Note that physical activity and food are not permitted in these spaces.

10 working days minimum notice is required for booking these spaces.

If you are planning on using Laird Hall for a show, please contact us for a separate booking sheet. If you want to book Laird Hall for anything other than shows, please use the university room booking link.

Book a University room Fair usage protocol Portering costs

Old Library

The Old Library’s primary purpose is as an open social and learning space that is accessible to students throughout the day. Due to this, only specific events will be permitted to take place in the space. We will check availability based on each request and whether the activity is suited to the space.

Booking policy Booking form

Drapers, Drapers Lounge, The Griff Inn and Ground Cafe

Booking requests for Drapers, Drapers Lounge, The Griff Inn and Ground Cafe are now being accepted. Please see the conditions at the top of the form carefully.

Book Drapers / Griff Inn / Ground Cafe

Qmotion Studios

Qmotion studios are not usually bookable by Societies, Student Media or Volunteering Groups. If you require space for a physical activity, please let us know and we can support you with finding an alternative space.

Any other spaces?

Other spaces managed by the University (commercial spaces such as the Octagon), or clinical spaces need to be book via the relevant University staff directly. Please speak to us if you require any of these spaces so we can support. Please leave plenty of time for this as these spaces take longer to request.

Student Groups may invite individuals to speak, participate or run activities for their members on campus. This applies to both in-person or virtual events and activities. To ensure that the safety of all students is upheld, every external speaker must be declared to the Students' Union.

All events with an external speaker must be submitted at least 10 working days before the event but higher risk or high-profile speakers need a minimum of 20 working days' notice.

An external speaker is anyone not associated with Queen Mary University of London therefore Queen Mary students and staff, and members of the Barts Trust do not need to be submitted via this method. Alumni count as external and must go through the external speaker process.

Once the Students' Union has approved your external speaker, the University will vet the speaker to ensure that there are no further security or safety measures needed. Student groups cannot promote the name(s) of your speakers until they have been approved.

To submit an external speaker request for an off-campus or online event please use the form below. To submit an external speaker request for an on-campus event please make sure you submit their details as part of your room booking request.

Approval procedure Guidance Off-campus / Online External Speakers Request Form

At Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, student-led teaching has long been recognised as fundamental to student learning. A Policy for Students Groups Providing Teaching for Students has been created to ensure student-led teaching and learning sessions are being quality assured to provide the best learning for students on the MBBS. Please read the policy before offering any teaching sessions in your society programme.

Teaching policy

From October to March the Student’s Union runs liberation months lead by student groups, reps and students. Details about dates to register your event ideas will be sent out via email.

  • October: Black History Month
  • November: Islamophobia Awareness Month
  • December: Disability Awareness Fortnight
  • January: Jewish Heritage Fortnight
  • February: LGBT+ History Month
  • March: Asian Heritage Month
Liberation Fund

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