Once you have got your group up and running the next step is to promote yourselves.

Promoting your group

Once you have got your group up and running the next step is to promote yourselves. You can find out how you can do this below.

Before you start promoting your group to students, you need to make that you are following General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are protecting member’s personal data.

This personal data/information:

  • Can only be collected for a stated purpose
  • Is not shared without consent
  • Is securely stored for a set period
  • Can be deleted if requested

What does this mean for groups?

Mailing/Phone Lists:

  • If you are collecting a mailing/phone list, sign-ups must be taken via a form rather than typing their details under a shared spreadsheet.
  • This mailing/phone list should then be stored on your student group @qmsu/@bartslondon google suite account, and not on any personal accounts, nor stored locally on a personal computer.
  • If you are collecting a mailing/phone list in any of your events you must explicitly state what you will be using this information for. You can use the following declaration:
    “By giving your details you are giving permission for your data to be used to inform you about the events and activities of {insert name of student group}. Your data will be deleted at the end of the 2020-21 academic year at the latest. If you’d like your data to be deleted before this then please email us on {insert student group email address}.”
  • If you collected this information on paper, make sure you upload this list online right away and then the paper and any copies you make are securely deleted or destroyed.
  • If someone contacts you saying that they do not want to receive any more emails/messages from you, you need to delete their information immediately.

Emailing Members:

  • It’s best practice to contact your paid members using the messaging function on your group’s admin tools. For instructions on how to do this, see ‘Managing your webpage’ below. This is because our website safely stores their personal data and there is less risk of a GDPR breach.
  • Should you email students outside the messaging function, members or non-members, you should use your student group account and avoid using any personal email addresses. When emailing groups of people always use the ‘BCC’ function so recipients cannot see each other's details.

Google Suite and Email Addresses:

We can grant you a ‘@qmsu.org' or @blsa.org email address, and through this account you receive:

  • A personalised society email account
  • Full access to Google Suite for Business including an email inbox, calendar, Hangouts chat
  • Full access to Google Drive to manage your committee and society documents as well as unlimited storage
  • The ability to create and share documents and sign-up forms using Google sheets, docs, slides, forms and sites
Request an account

Barts London Email Addresses (@bartslondon.com)

If you are a Barts London group, you can request to have a @bartslondon.com email address through BLSA by contacting the BLSA President by emailing president@bartslondon.com.

Managing your webpage

As a group you each have your own webpage within this website that you can edit for students to see. You will also gain admin access to view your list of paid members, create events on the website, email your members and more.

If you do not have admin access, please contact your most relevant staff support.

Website guide
Using our online events calendar

Promoting your events on our website is quick and easy! As an admin, you will have access to creating and uploading events for your group, this will then be displayed on the Students' Union events landing page here.

To find out how you can do this online, read our website guide for a detailed step by step guide.

How to create an event

Using Student Media Outlets

The Students' Union have eight student media outlets. They may be able to help you put together a video for your group, feature on student radio and/or appear in Students' Union publications.

You are free to run your own social media accounts and group messaging forums for your Student Group. For full guidance on how to run your own web platforms and making sure you are in line with our rules and procedures, view our guide below.

Web platforms guide

Using Queen Mary Students’ Union Social Media

The Students’ Union have several social media pages with reach to hundreds of students who can help you promote your events and activities – You can find their handles below:

Main QMSU pages:*
Queen Mary Students' Union

QMSU Sport
@QMSU_sport (sport) / @q.motion (gym)


**Please note that the Main Pages will only normally promote your activities/events if it’s a part of a Union-wide campaign (such as Try Something New or Black History Month).

Posters, leaflets and banners

These can be great ways to get your group and events promoted, but this can also be quite costly and harmful for the environment.

If you would like to advertise your events using posters and flyers, please follow these guidelines:

  • All posters and flyers must clearly carry the name of the relevant group and carry the Students' Union logo. This logo must not be distorted or abridged in anyway. Download the logos below.
  • All posters must be stamped, and flyers approved by the Students' Union Reception staff before they are displayed anywhere on campus.
  • All posters must be removed once the event has passed.
  • Members must clearly display student ID when giving out flyers.
  • All posters in a foreign language must be accompanied by an English translation.
  • Only designated notice boards are to be used for posters and permission must be sought from the relevant department first.

Posters/flyers are not to be stuck on exterior walls, pillars, windows or doors around the University nor on Tower Hamlets council property i.e. subways – you may be charged to repair any damages.

QMSU Logo (Blue) QMSU Logo (White)

Using Student Media Outlets

The Students' Union have eight student media outlets. They may be able to help you put together a video for your group, feature on student radio and/or appear in Students' Union publications.

The Students’ Union hosts two welcome fairs, one in September and one in January. This is where student groups and clubs can request a stall and promote themselves to new and returning students at Queen Mary. You will be emailed details and a form to book a stall when details of these fairs have been finalised.

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