What is a Student Media outlet and how do you get involved?

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What is Student Media?

A Student Media Outlet is a student-led group, affiliated to the Students’ Union, formed with the sole aim of producing publications, broadcasts, print and digital media.

Training for Student Media Outlets

As well as relevant committee members completed training required for their role for being a Student Group in general, any committee member or Student Media Outlet member approving content will also need to complete Media Law training which is usually delivered in September. Throughout the year, there are also other sessions on offer to help you to develop your group. For more information on training visit the Training Hub.

Student Media committee members (or any members approving content) will also be expected to attend Media Law training, which usually takes place in early September.

Editorial Process

This process exists to limit the risks associated with all content, written and broadcast. This process ensures there is always accountability, adequate support and proofreading given, to ensure Outlets comply with media law.

The process must be followed by all Outlets. You are required to use an Editorial Checklist and Approval Log- the below are templates which you can adapt slightly to fit your Outlet’s needs.

Editorial Process Editorial Checklist Approval log

Student Media Guidance Documents

Below are several guidance documents regarding various media law and ethics.

Facilities for Student Media

There is a Media Suite and Radio Studio in the Students’ Union Hub, Mile End, for Outlet to use.

Student Media Outlet Role Descriptions

Managing Editor

The responsibilities of the Managing Editor (or equivalent) include:

  • Being the figurehead of the Student Media Outlet.
  • Being responsible for the content of their Student Media Outlet.
  • Ensuring that the Student Media Outlet operates in accordance the Students’ Union’s Articles of Association, by-laws and policies and procedures.
  • Allocate duties and responsibilities to, and provide support for, editors and other post holders.
  • Attending Students’ Union training sessions as appropriate. Calling General Meetings of the Student Media Outlet.
  • Organising fair and transparent elections for the following year’s committee in accordance with the Student Group by-law and relevant affiliation procedure.
  • Being the point of contact between the Students’ Union and the Student Media Outlet members. The Managing Editor is mandated to keep in regular contact with the appropriate staff member and relevant elected officer(s).
  • Keeping current accurate financial information of the Student Media Outlet’s activities.
  • Ensuring the Student Media Outlet’s financial transactions are conducted in accordance with the Student Group by-law and guidance provided.
  • Authorising the withdrawal of expenditure from the Student Media Outlet’s account.
  • Ensuring that all relevant financial documents are retrieved from the previous Managing Editor (or equivalent) and passed on to the next Managing Editor (or equivalent).
  • Ensuring a thorough handover of the Student Media Outlet onto a new committee, where relevant.

Deputy Managing Editor

The responsibilities of the Deputy Managing Editor (or equivalent) include:

  • Supporting the Managing Editor with their responsibilities.
  • Undertaking the duties of the Managing Editor in the event of the Managing Editor’s resignation or removal.
  • Attending Students’ Union training sessions as appropriate.
  • Authorising the withdrawal of expenditure from the Student Media Outlet’s account.

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