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Join our official Halls Facebook groups!

Moving into Halls in September? Join our official Halls pages on Facebook to find your flatmates and be the first to hear about Freshers' 2019.

Avoid Fake Freshers' Groups

Over the last few years, a few unofficial Freshers’ Facebook pages have been set up to advertise fake or unofficial Freshers’ events in and around London.

Meet your President: Talhah Atcha

We sat down with your 2019-20 QMSU President, Talhah Atcha, to discuss his plans for the year and favourite places on campus!

Meet your VP Barts and The London: Megan Annetts

We caught up with your 2019-20 Vice President Barts and the London, Megan Annetts, to find out what advice she'd give to incoming students!

Meet your VP Welfare: Shamima Akter

We sat down with your 2019-20 Vice President Welfare, Shamima Akter, to discuss her priorities for the year ahead!

Meet your VP Education: Annika Ramos

We had a chat with your 2019-20 Vice President Education, Annika Ramos, about her ideas for the upcoming year!

Increased funding for Liberation Campaigns

After a motion at Student Council, your Executive Officers have successfully lobbied QMUL for £20,000 for a Liberation Fund next year!

Pride Profile: BL LGBT+ Rep, Zoe Binse

For our final Pride Profile, we sat down with the incoming Barts and The London LGBT+ Officer, Zoe Binse, about making LGBT+ events more intersectional.

Pride Profile: Trans Rep, Courtney Mann

We sat down with incoming Trans Rep, Courtney Mann, to discuss what she wants to achieve this year!

Pride Profile: ME LGBT+ Rep, Jedd Higgins

We sat down with incoming Mile End LGBT+ Rep, Jedd Higgins, about what Pride means to her!

What should students know about the TEF?

VP Education, Redwan Shahid, spoke at a seminar on the TEF and highlights the issues of oversimplification and the subjectivity of TEF.

Pride Profile: VP Welfare, Ella Harvey

For Pride month, we're showcasing some of our amazing LGBT+ student officers, kicking things off is Vice President Welfare, Ella Harvey!

Student Rights - Executive Officers' Open Letter

An open letter by Queen Mary Students' Union Executive Officers to the Students Rights organisation, due to its Islamophobic and racist behavior.

Opening Hours for Summer

Check out the summer opening hours of our venues, cafes, shops and spaces!

Student Partnership Conference

The Student Partnership Conference was a full day of workshops, skills development, networking and discussions.

Free Printing at the Students' Union!

Have you tried our new, free printer in the Students' Union Hub yet?

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

A blog post by your Mile End Disabled and SLD Representative to recognise the International Day of Persons With Disabilities 2018

VP Welfare August & September Updates

Updates from August and September from your Vice President Welfare, Ella Harvey.

Our new tea has a great story!

Birchall Tea, coming soon to Ground Cafe, has a great taste and a great story!

Managing your money at university

We've got some hints and tips on how to make the best of your budget at University